Arijit Singh’s Kolkata Concert Cancelled? Political Row Intensifies Social Media Storm!

Arijit Singh’s concerts have been canceled at the ECO park in Kolkata because a political issue has fired up. India’s popular singer was set to bring a show in the year opening, but due to the leader in west Bengal, the show erupted before even beginning. And followed by that, the opposition leader raised a question over a Pakistan singer, who has gone through these kinds of threats from shiv Sena in 2015.

To decorate the new year celebration with the wonderful singer Arijit Singh, everything was set to make it on time. And he was also well prepared for the audience, recently he overtook the famous BTS on the Spotify platform. But all his fame was nothing when compared to politics, he went for a song at the recent inauguration of the Kolkata international film festival.

Where she sang ‘Gerua’ before Mamata Banerjee, and the festival witnessed the most famous actors in India, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Rani Mukherjee…to make a stink on this, and his show was canceled, according to the media and news reports portraits it on this way.

And the opposition leader came up with a reply to Banerjee, in 2015, Ghulam Ali the great Pakistani singer show canceled. In that, Mamata Banerjee posted on her Twitter account, that music has no boundaries, and music is the rhythm of the heart, although the show was canceled due to some unavailability it will be held in the perfect time.

Now the same reply went after Banerjee, why don’t you see that music has no boundaries now? According to the report, Arijit Singh’s show somehow will happen in the new year and he will give his treat to all of his fans.