Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez’s Divorce Rumours Hyped To Cover Up Singer’s Career Downfall, Claim Experts

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are once again in the headlines. However, this time not for their rekindled romance or public displays of affection, but for rumours of a split and career challenges. For months, the Hollywood A-listers have not been photographed together on outings, but only while fulfilling parental commitments.

The divorce rumours intensified when Ben reportedly moved out of their lavish Beverly Hills mansion to reside in a rental property. JLO called off her eagerly awaited upcoming concerts in Los Angeles during this time. Family problems are mentioned by sources, but PR specialists think there is more to the story. (Read More: Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck Heading For Divorce? Separation Rumors Circulate As One ‘Moves Out’)

A distraction from Career struggles

Jennifer Lopez’s million-dollar LA residency was abruptly cancelled, leaving fans dismayed. When she revealed the news, the singer said she was “heartsick and devastated.” This cancellation comes after a Page Six article that quoted an insider saying that MGM Grand, the location for JLo’s more than ninety concerts in 2025—a venue that had agreed to pay her $90 million for the arrangement—”grew nervous due to low ticket sales.”

Speaking to Mirror, Riaz said, “In March, JLo cancelled the last seven dates of the tour. Then in April, the tour name was changed from This Is Me…Now to This Is Me … Live: The Greatest Hits.” (Read more: Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Divorce Rumors With Ben Affleck: ‘You Know Better Than That’)

JLO faces career issues

Moreover, JLo’s comeback to the movie business with the science fiction series “Atlas” on Netflix was met with difficulties as it was unable to attract audiences. It is easy to associate everything with the problems in Ben and Jen’s paradise amidst these setbacks. PR specialist Mayah Riaz, however, is not persuaded and holds different opinions.

Stressing the fact that Ben and Jen’s rumours may have been created to hide these challenges, the expert continued, “It’s no wonder there’s speculation about the divorce rumours surrounding her and Ben could have been created to distract from her career downfall. It is not uncommon for celebrities to face speculation and rumours, particularly during challenging times in their careers.”

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