Bigg Boss 4’s Ali Merchant Ties Knot For Third Time With Andleeb Zaidi; Who Is She?

Ali Merchant, a well-known actor who took part in Bigg Boss 4, has started a new chapter by being married for the third time with Andleeb Zaidi, the love of his life, at a magnificent Lucknow wedding. Ali’s path to this third marriage has ups and downs. In Bigg Boss 4, he married Sara Khan, and in 2016, he had a brief marriage with Anam Ali, nevertheless, is optimistic that the third time will be lucky.

A Mesmerizing Wedding Ceremony

Ali Merchant posted a stunning collection of photos from his wedding to Andleeb Zaidi on Instagram on November 3, 2023. In their cream-colored suits, the pair exuded an air of charm. Andleeb wore a lavishly embroidered sharara outfit with fine polki jewelry, while Ali sported a bandhgala suit with a specially embroidered doshala and a matching turban. Andleeb’s elaborate mehendi and light makeup accentuated the couple’s exquisite look.

In one specific photo, Ali tenderly kisses Andleeb on the forehead, capturing a tender moment that symbolizes their shared love and passion. Ali’s heartfelt description of these photos captures the intensity of their bond and the start of their enduring journey together.

A Joyous Beginning with Haldi Ceremony

November 1, 2023, marked the start of the pre-wedding celebrations with a colorful haldi ceremony. Ali Merchant, wearing a stylish yellow kurta and white leggings, was beaming the entire time. He embraced the celebration’s traditions and rituals by donning a red doshala, a yellow barkati hat, and a flower garland throughout the rite. With close family members at his side, the actor commemorated this momentous day and treasured the first moments of their new existence together. A personal touch was added to the celebrations when Ali’s mother enthusiastically participated in the rites in one of the photos.

A Proposal Under the Burj Khalifa

On October 18, 2023, Ali Merchant and Andleeb Zaidi exchanged a touching proposal beneath the famous Burj Khalifa. He recorded the heartfelt moment when he dropped to one knee and proposed to Andleeb in a sincere video he posted on Instagram. Her genuine and encouraging reply gave their love tale a romantic twist and laid the groundwork for their future together.