“Chak De India” Coach ‘Kabir Khan’ To Women’s Hockey Team,- Win The Gold.

This morning the Indian women’s hockey team flagged their success by defeating Australia by 1-0 at the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Seeing the spectacular victory of the women’s hockey team, everyone is congratulating them on social media. People are giving credit to Team India’s coach Sjoerd Marjen for his spectacular victory. But the most interesting thing is that this spectacular victory of the women’s hockey team is being compared with Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Chak De India’. Chak De India is trending on social media since morning.

Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood’s Badshah Shahrukh Khan, who played the role of coach Kabir Singh in the film ‘Chak De India’ after many stars, also congratulated and encouraged the women’s hockey team by tweeting. Shah Rukh Khan, retweeting coach Sord Marjen’s tweet, wrote, ‘Ha-ha no problem, just bring some gold while coming for one billion members of your family’.


In this tweet, Shahrukh Khan also mentioned his birthday, November 2. He further wrote, ‘This time Dhanteras is also on 2nd November’. With this tweet, Shahrukh Khan wrote – “Your former coach Kabir Khan”. Different types of reactions of people are coming out on this tweet of Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan

Women’s hockey team coach Sjoerd Marjen shared a picture with the women’s team in which all of them look very happy after their victory. Sharing this selfie, he wrote, ‘Sorry family, I will come later. Many people including Shahrukh commented on this picture of him and congratulated Team India. Let us tell you that people are comparing Chak De India because in the film also Team India defeated Australia in some way.

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