Debina Bonnerjee Infected With This Serious Virus, Staying Away From Her Daughters: Details Inside

There is a shocking news about the famous TV actress Debina Banerjee. According to media reports, the actress’s health condition is poor, she is infected with the influenza type B virus. Information about the her health condition is provided through herself.Recently, The actress is currently separated from her family.

Recently Visited Sri lanka

Recentlt, Debina Went on Trip of srilanka with her husband and daughters. A few days after returning from there, her health deteriorated. Tests showed that she was infected with the influenza B virus, but Debina’s husband, actor Gurmeet Chowdhary, and their two daughters, Liana and Divisha, are safe. According to the agency, the actress is currently recovering. Debina’s husband, actor Gurmeet Choudhary, and their two daughters, Liana and Divisha, were not infected. According to the spokeperson of Actress, she is currently recovering.

Debina is staying away from daughters


Debina also shared soms insta story and said that her health is improving. She is very caring and cares about food. She takes care of her daughters and keeping them away from her till her recovery.Sharing picture of Divisha she wrote-“when mumma bear is still unwell Baby bear is busy watching patterns”.she told about the Symptoms include fever and cough.

Debina is Away from Tv World

Let us tell you Debina has been away from the Tv industry for a few years. However, she constantly communicates with her fans through social media. Fans are concerned about the sad news of the actress’s health. Debina has appeared in many TV shows including Aahat, Zoo, Yam Hai Hum, Santoshi Maa and is famous for her role as Sita in the Ramayana.