A Petition Filed To Ban On The Release Of The Film “Adipurush”

The troubles of the makers of “Adipurush” do not seem to be lessening. Since the release of the teaser for this film, it has faced a lot of criticism. Along with this, the film is also being trolled fiercely. But, now another important news related to this film is coming out. According to this news, a petition has been filed in a Delhi court seeking a stay on the release of the film “Adipurush.” It has been alleged in this petition that the characters of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman have been presented wrongly in the film.

Petition filed against the “Adipurush”

A petition seeking a stay on the release of the film “Adipurush” has been filed in a court in Delhi. According to the petition, Lord Rama and Hanuman are depicted inappropriately and incorrectly while wearing leather bandages. It has also been alleged that Ravana has also been presented in the wrong way.

A complaint was also registered in Lucknow

A complaint was filed against the film in Uttar Pradesh before the petition was filed in Delhi. A lawyer had approached the court in Lucknow seeking action against the cast and producers of the film. According to some media reports, on the previous day, Lucknow-based lawyer Pramod Pandey had filed a complaint against Saif Ali Khan, Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, producer-director Om Raut, and Bhushan Kumar in the CJM court. He had said in the petition that the case under Section 153(3) of CrPC against the artists and filmmakers for wrongly portraying the characters of Hindu deities, especially Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram, should be admissible.

The public are raising questions about the censor board

Due to the film’s showing of objectionable content in the teaser, the public is now demanding that it be boycotted. On social media platforms, the public is making various allegations about this film and is also asking questions about it. The public is also constantly questioning the censor board. The public is asking questions like, “If every film passes the censor board, and after checking everything there, a certificate is given to a film, then how can this film pass the censor board?”

The public is questioning whether the censor board is sleeping. How is the censor board passing such scenes in which Hindu gods are being played with? Is the censor board doing its job properly? The censor board should not give certification to such films that do the work of spoiling history.