Does Mukesh Ambani Crash His Rs 8 Crore Ferrari SF90 Stradale One Month After Delivery? Here’s What We Know!

It’s not often that we see supercars crash and this would certainly qualify as a rare occasion. In this video, a Ferrari SF90 Stradale crashes which is the same model seen in Mukesh Ambani’s fleet. We know about Ambani’s monstrous car collection and the security team he travels with. So, it comes as no surprise that he owns this supercar. But the crash looks pretty awful. Let’s get into the details here.

The video was uploaded by Prateek Singh. He uploaded it on his YouTube channel.  He aims to raise awareness among car buyers about the importance of buying cars through this content. The cars with high safety ratings and their real-life performance in unfortunate events.

A Ferrari is involved in a serious accident during this time. According to the information given in the video, the incident was reported from Worli, Mumbai. Late at night a group of 4 supercars was roaming the streets of Mumbai.

However, one of the Ferraris was seen to be destroyed from the front after encountering an unfortunate incident. The entire front is damaged beyond recognition. Parts of the engine bay are visible. The windshield is broken too. Fortunately, the side pillars were able to absorb most of the impact. It hoped to save the passengers.

Checkout the video here.

The details of how it happened or whether it belongs to Mukesh Ambani or not are unavailable. Still, it shows that supercars need to be driven with extreme care as they reach ridiculous speeds in no time that can catch the driver by surprise. One fan commented, “First Aston Martin and now ferrari, ambanis should stop driving these beauties.”