Easy Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Fall- Check Out!

“Pissed off with nonstop hair fall and tried best to save your beautiful hair from the damage?”, “Applied branded hair care products but have no use?”, It’s time to give some natural remedies and care to your beautiful hair instead of unnatural harmful chemicals.

Hair Fall can be barred and limiting using various ways. Making Puffs and buns, tight ponytails, keeping short hair, and avoid too long hair. But of course, limiting your hair fall is better than limiting your hairstyle, so apart from these easy ways, we have some home remedies to save your hair from various types of hair damage.

Here we will know some common symptoms of hair fall, the cause of hair falls and some popular and effective home remedies to stop hair falling.

Symptoms of Hair Fall

Losing Hair suddenly/ sudden Hair Fall

Thin Hair/ Thinning Hair Day by day

Baldness on crown/ Bald patches

The broadness of the scalp and unwanted hair on the comb, floor, or on pillows are the major symptoms of losing hair and indicated that they need some serious steps to cure them and extra care to avoid baldness before the age.

Cause of Hair Fall

Stress/Mental Health – Our daily lifestyle affects our health and body. Stress becomes a part of our daily life that destroys mental health and becomes one of the major reasons for hair fall.

Diet and Nutrition – in our busy lives we all are ignoring to follow a proper diet and nutrition due to which some important vitamins and proteins decrease in our body, create various health issues.

Chemically proven hair products – Avoiding natural products and choosing branded chemicals is also the reason for hair fall or choosing the wrong products may damage your hair. So, please consult a dermatologist before applying any product to your hair.

The routine of Haircare – If you are not only a house maker but a self-dependent person the outside surroundings like excess heat, pollution, dryness, and humidity also damage your hair and to avoid this you should need a proper hair wash after reach to home, prefer oiling to nourish your hair.

Imbalance Hormone – Hormonal imbalance is may damage your hair brutally. an individual may take all the requirements to balance the hormones like taking nutrients and follow the stick prescription by the dermatologist or Doctor.

Heredity – As we all know that our genes have come from our elders. Genes play a major role in hair pattern and due to the hair fall history, Men will face complete baldness or crown baldness and Women will face patchy baldness or broad scalp/Forehead. Well, in that case, a reputed well-experienced dermatologist will be your lifesaver.

Pregnancy – console a baby or being pregnant causes strain on your body, At the time of pregnancy nutritional requirements are higher. Lack of proper care may result in tiredness, dehydration, and fatigue may lead to Hair fall. In that case, you should take proper care and diet to be healthy for you and your baby.

Remedies from your home to prevent Hair Fall

We can’t deny or ignore the home remedies to be healthy. Don’t forget when your mom or Grandmom applies Heena, curd, or egg to make the hair smooth, shiny, long, and strong. Yes, it worked!

Here are some remedies to stop unwanted hair fall on shoulders, pillows, etc.A

Aloe vera Gel – Aleo vera is full of healing properties and used for ages for its good properties and has the ability to decrease various hair problems like dry hair, dandruff hair fall, oily hair, itchy scalp, etc. You can directly apply Aloe vera gel on your scalp and hair.

Onion – Onion juice is also used in the treatment of hair fall as it contains Sulphur that helps promote the production of collagen and in turn, collagen helps in improving hair health.

Amla – Amla has a rich source of vitamin C, which helps strengthen your hair follicles from inside. If you would like the taste of it then please add this to your diet or you may apply it to the hair also.

Eggs -Eggs make your hair smooth and shiny and help damage also, if you want some more then add aloe vera, lemon, honey, or olive oils in egg and apply it as a mask on your hair and you will be shocked with the result.

Fermented Rice Water – This is one of the best and oldest remedies to solve hair problems and has a diverse range of proteins and vitamins to solve many hair issues and is also considered in many beauty products apart from Hair products. It has antioxidants. Pantene, suitable PH level, and Pro-Vitamin B5 in one roof to solve many issues.

Some other vitamins must add to your Diet -Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E has the benefits to prevent Hair Fall.

Hope! These easy home remedies will help to grow new hair and prevent various Hair Issues.

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