Fan Asks Question About Shah Rukh Khan’s Retirement From Bollywood, Actor Gives Smooth Reply!

Actor Shah Rukh Khan spoke to his fans about his retirement from Bollywood. He talked about his films as well as his family members – Gauri Khan, Aryan Khan, and Suhana Khan. Shah Rukh Khan did an Q&A session on Twitter on Monday.

He tweeted that everything is going well so far and added the Pathaan hashtag. He asked fans to join his Q&A session. Shah Rukh Khan advised them not to use bad language too.

A fan asked about the next big thing after Shah Rukh Khan retires. King Khan gave a smooth reply. He said that he will never retire from acting. He will have to be fired and maybe even then he will come back hotter.

One user asked him how he keeps a cool head and grounded feet. He said that he has heard from someone that losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become the crisis. So he tries to keep the head screwed on. Replying to a fan about his recent break after Zero, Shah Rukh said that he just sat at home and watched all films that he could to become an audience again. He did not try to be a movie maker.

Another user asked him what did he believe for way too long as a child. SRK said that his two kids Aryan and Suhana thought everyone in the world worked on TV because they saw all their friends on it. He wrapped his Q&A session and thanked everyone for giving their time to him.