Foods You Must Avoid To Reduce Risk Of Osteoporosis At Young Age!

Calcium deficiency, irregular eating habits, and lack of physical activity are some of the reasons that cause bone loss at an early age. Calcium plays important role in maintaining bones. Its deficiency is therefore one of the causes of bone loss, but not the only one. According to doctors, there are certain foods that double the risk of bone loss if eaten regularly. It is best to avoid those foods to keep bones healthy.

Soft Drinks

Many people rely on bottled soft drinks to get relief from the heat. According to doctors, such drinks contain phosphoric acid. Consuming such drinks in excessive amounts leads to the accumulation of phosphoric acid in the body. This acidic substance is one of the causes of bone loss.

Animal Protein

Animal protein is essential to boost immunity in the body. Nutritionists also say to keep fish, meat, and eggs on rose leaves. The habit of consuming such foods in excess of the requirement can lead to bone loss.

Raw Salt

Not only high blood pressure but to maintain good bone health, the habit of consuming raw salt should be reduced. Apart from directly affecting bones, salt can also deplete calcium. So, if you have a habit of eating more salt, it should be stopped. Do not add too much salt to cooking.


Many recognize the role of coffee in instantly reducing headaches. But the caffeine in it can cause bone problems. To reduce the risk of bone loss at a young age, it is better not to drink too much coffee.


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