‘I’m A Human Being’: Preity Zinta Opens On Being Harassed Twice In Mumbai That Left Her Shaken!

Actress and businesswoman Preity Zinta said she was “a little shaken up” during her recent visit to the Mumbai city.Jinta wrote in a lengthy Instagram post that in last week two such incident happened with her that left her shaken.

Preity Zinta angrily reacts on woman who forcely kissed her daughter Gia

She wrote,”This week I was a little shaken by two events. One about my daughter Gia. This is when a woman tries to take a picture. When we politely asked her not to do so she walked away but then she came over and suddenly took my daughter, gave her a big wet kiss on her lips and ran away saying what a cute baby. This woman lives in a elite building and this happened in the park where my children were playing. If I wasn’t a celebrity, I would have reacted badly, but I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I kept myself cool.”

Preity Zinta Opens on not stopping car for Disabled man

Talking about second incident she wrote, “Here you can see the second case. I have to get on a plane, and this disabled man is trying to stop me. For years he harassed me for money and I gave it to him whenever I could. This time when he asked for money, I said Sorry because I don’t have cash, only a credit card. The woman I was with gave him some money from her purse. It wasn’t enough, so he aggressively tossed it back to her.As you can see he followed us for some time. ”

Preity Zinta slams paparazzi for their behavior


Preity zinta also called out photographers for finding this incident funny and schooled them for laughing and not to stop the disabled man. She wrote, “Instead of help they continued filming and no one stopped him to follow the car. If something bad would have happened My being a celebrity and bollywood would have been questioned”.

Preity Zinta Requests people to Leave her private life Alone

Preity requested,”I think it’s time for people to realize that I’m a human being first, then a mother and then a celebrity.I have the right to live my life like any other person in this country, so please think before you judge and don’t just blame celebrities. There are always two sides to any matter. Most importantly, leave my kids alone as they are not a part of the package and I didn’t intend to be bullied.