Is Tv Actress Dipika Kakar Pregnant After 4 Years Of Marriage? Sister-In-Law Saba Hints On Pregnancy!

Big news awaits TV actress Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim. Hearing such news will brighten your day. There is speculation that Deepika Kakkar will soon become a mother.Are Deepika and Shoaib Ibrahim going to be parents after four years of marriage?.Although this news has not been confirmed, there is no cause for rejoicing.

Saba hints at Bhabhi Dipika’s pregnancy

Deepika and Shoaib are silent about the pregnancy news. However, Shoaib’s sister Saba Ibrahim hinted at her sister-in-law Deepika’s pregnancy in her vlog. While chatting with fans on her vlog, YouTuber Saba said that her sister-in-law Deepika is not feeling well. The whole family used to be there when Saba Ibrahim opened the wedding present on her vlog but Deepika Kakkar also got lost there. Saba said in a vlog, “Bhabi felt unwell and did not go shopping. Not only that, even after viewing Deepika’s vlog, people get hints that she is pregnant.

Speculation started from a video

Deepika was seen talking about food in one of her videos. Speaking of appetite. As these clues keep coming in, users are speculating that Dipika is most likely the mother. So lately his health has usually been deteriorating. At the same time, she makes more food videos because she ate different foods during her pregnancy. Fans are hoping that Dipika and Shoaib will answer these pregnancy speculations soon and reveal the truth to everyone whether they are pregnant or not.

Deepika and Shoaib got married 4 years ago and are the most adorable couple on TV. Their couple is a fan favourite. The couple met on the set of the TV series Sasural Simar Ka first season. They got married on February 22, 2018. Deepika- Shoaib got married after a long relationship. Professionally, Deepika stays away from TV shows these days. He was last seen in Sasural Simar Ka 2 in a cameo. Meanwhile, Shoaib appears in the series “Ajuni”.