Jennifer Lopez No Longer Likeable? Reason Behind ‘Hush-Hush’ Concert Cancellations

Jennifer Lopez has cancelled her upcoming concerts citing reasons that she wants to spend time with her family. However, industry insiders say that it is because of low ticket sales. Also, J Lo seems to be losing her fans’ interest. She is no longer likeable – is what experts say. The multi-facet performer with dazzling costumes and slick moves finds no takers.

Headline-making cancellations

Five years ago, J Lo was still performing her old numbers from the ‘90s and early 2000s and crowds swayed with her. She shined as a true entertainer on the stage as she grooved to slick choreography that was the envy of many dancers. J Lo sold out big-ticket arenas like Madison Square Garden on her white-hot tours. 

Jennifer Lopez

But the tables have turned, and her bubble has burst and how! The real reason behind her recent cancellation is not about her old music but rather her likeability factor. The upcoming trek was arranged by Live Nation, fully confident that J Lo can pull the crowds. Alas! She cancelled the tour citing family issues, and reports got out that tickets weren’t selling. 

Nostalgia rules

Old music is not a good enough reason for her career downfall. Instead, Jennifer Lopez and many other hitmakers know that nostalgia rules big time. In 2019, J-Lo and Shakira performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, proving that Lopez was at home grooving on stage. New hits are not even a concern because fans rocked to her older popular chartbusters like “Get Right,” “On the Floor, and “Control Myself” for years. 

Jennifer Lopez

However, likeability, or lack thereof, comes into play – especially on social media. The “This Is Me… Now” singer named the new trippy tour after her Amazon Prime musical film. She also released a documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” which got attention in a bad way. Simultaneously, the “Waiting for Tonight” artist got called out for her every move by social media trolls.

From playing with her hair in a video where she talked about her Bronx life to inauthentic ways to promote her new projects, she was under scrutiny. More people boarded the J Lo hate train when she didn’t give enough importance to her designer at the Met Gala. 

Jennifer Lopez is a victim of cringe-worthy TikToks

Trolls made cringe videos taking her down on TikTok, showing that she can’t do anything right. Her marriage to Ben Affleck and his constant irritated expression in all their pictures has people laughing at her. They doubt if the “I’m Real” singer is real as she took credit for songs written by Ashanti and Christina Milia.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez tried to rebrand her live shows, but the domino effect already toppled the sales. To J Lo, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” but to her fickle fans, loyalty is not an option. They sway towards whoever is ruling the charts now, and she couldn’t gain die-hard fans like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift. Her latest science fiction action film “Atlas” is streaming on Netflix. 

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