Judging Genuine Flirting; To Avoid Heartbreak

Sejal felt love again. It was her new office colleague. A cheerful, handsome man. But it was not his looks that attracted her, for there were other handsome guys in her office whom she never noticed. What drew her closer to him was his flirtatious nature. He often indulged in healthy flirting by teasing her about her looks or acting childish with her which she enjoyed. She felt he too liked her, but the scenario was different. It was his nature to flirt with every other girl. But Sejal never understood this and ended up getting heartbreak when he introduced her to his girlfriend.

So, have you fallen for a guy who calls you sweety or pulls your leg often? Healthy flirting makes everyday interaction between a man and woman entertaining. Some men flirt constantly whereas some for expressing their feelings beyond friendship. It is important to understand this line between friendly and more than friendly flirting. If he is trying to express his love for you through flirting then look out for other indications.

He will not move on: Those who do not harbour any real attraction will play and move on. But if he stays for a prolonged time it means he wants to be around you.

He will look and smell nice: If he makes an effort to look nice in front of you he definitely wants to impress you. He will also try to smell pleasing to draw your attention.

He will work for you: You need help and he immediately comes to your rescue, gets concerned if you are unwell, tries to cheer you up if you are feeling low, supports you if you have a tussle with a third person, is soft towards you and tries to fulfil your demand, asks you out often, then he is definitely for you. For men tend to be soft towards a woman they are attracted.

He sounds jealous and protective: Does he try to prove himself better than that other guy with whom you are friendly? Does he defend you in front of others and during emergency is concerned of saving you along with himself? Does he show displeasure about your having coffee with some other guy? Then he is jealous and protective towards you.

He checks you out: He notes everything about you and maybe teases you in fun. You find him checking you out often, he tries to sit close to you, puts his arms around your shoulder, pats you, fixes your strand of hair, touches you for a bit longer time, sends you naughty text messages or questions that enter your personal space.

He smiles often: Whenever you lock eyes with him he smiles, that’s a positive sign. But if he makes the eye contact normally and continues his work or looks somewhere else then think twice before falling for him. If you do not find all these indications or even a few of them then he is not interested in you but flirting is his way of life.

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