Madhuri Dixit’s Husband Sriram Nene Teaches Son To Cook ‘Tasty & Healthy Indian Dish’, Watch

Madhuri Dixit’s son, Arin, is currently studying at the University of Southern California, USA. In recent months, Arin has opened up about everything from the changes in her life since moving from Mumbai in 2021 to her experience of living alone in the US.

Now Madhuri Dixit’s husband Dr. Sriram Nene has shared a new video teaching his son Arin how to make oatmeal masala, a ‘delicious and healthy’ Indian dish. The dish is tasted by Madhuri herself, who makes a special appearance in the father-daughter video. She praised her son’s culinary skills and did not spare advice.

Sriram Teaches Awesome Recipe To son

Sriram Nene shares an “awesome recipe” as he teaches Arin how to make oatmeal masala. In the video, she talks about ingredients like mustard seeds and curry leaves. When Madhuri appeared in the kitchen and asked: “Guys, what are you cooking?”. Dr. Nene and Arin invited him to try cooking. Then he hugged his son and said, “Very well.” Madhuri also says that the dish is very good and only needs a little salt to make it perfect.

Fans loves Madhuri Bond With son and husband

Nene wrote on Instagram: “Oatmeal masala, perfect home cooking in 10 minutes! Teach Arren to cook, take him to college…,” one Instagram user commented, “Good Boy It’s a basic survival skill.” One fan of Madhuri Dixit saw her in the video and said, “Oh my God. At the end, “Madhuri?”. One netizen said, “Recipe please. Looks delicious, looks delicious.”

Watch video;

Arin left for higher studies to US

In 2021, Madhuri’s eldest son Arin left for the United States. Regarding Arin, who dropped out of college in July 2021, Maduri said, “I can’t believe my eldest son graduated this year and went to college. I can’t believe the years have gone by.” Now he is 18 years old. He will be alone in the lab, and like any mother, I worry about how independent he will be. We live with our parents and everything is ready for our son.