Mahhi Vij Gives Befitting Reply To The Stylist Who Blamed Her Of Borrowing Clothes For Shehnaz Gill And Not Returning Them

Mahhi Vij who is a famous name in the realm of TV has been entangled in a debate. The entertainer has been claimed of acquiring garments from a Delhi based online retail and not returning them back. According to the post on Instagram page called ‘Made For Her’ Mahhi acquired garments for Bigg Boss 13 competitor Shehnaaz Gill who was bolted inside the house around then and consequently graciousness labeling to the brands were guaranteed. Be that as it may, significantly after the show got more than, not many of the garments weren’t come back to the fashioner despite customary subsequent meet-ups. They likewise shared screen captures of the on-screen character associating with them where Mahhi affirmed losing a portion of the outfits. She, in any case, consented to remunerate the misfortune.

Everything began when an Instagram page named ‘Made For Her’ blamed the on-screen star in a post composing,”This is an issue which we need to bring forward. How unethical and low mentality these famous faces are. Mahhi Vij is one of them. At the time of Big Boss , she sourced outfits from us for @shehnaazgill and that was an outsourcing only. After the big boss got over we asked her to send the outfits back , she sent a few and kept the rest of the outfits with her , when asked she said she will send them asap. We saw her wearing those outfits without even informing us. Isn’t this such a shame that being a famous face you want to wear new outfits but not willing to pay for them ?You are asking outfits for someone else and keeping them and flaunting them shamelessly. Being asked again and again she ruthlessly made an excuse of being a mother. Like you weren’t a mother when you were wearing our outfits and roaming in them. She only owes 25k which she isn’t able to pay and is making excuses and blocking us. We wonder how you worked in the industry , is this your true face? Pretending to be the sweetest on social media and such an unethical person inside.! (Ps- Stop dragging shehnaaz . This has nothing to do with her. We only have an issue with Mahhi Vij).”

However Mahhi decided to stop the accusations right there and answered to the stylist on the post. Mahhi replied, “And I tagged that time you guys were very happy. I didn’t wear it for free. Anyway I was just trying to help you guys as much as I can but I guess you are in a hurry to create a scene goodluck.” In another comment, Mahhi asked her not to take the post down and enjoy publicity out of it as she writes, “You should not put the post down. It’s helping you go asking accounts to make it viral. This is what you wanted publicity, to get it to enjoy”. Check out Mahhi’s comments below;

Now, SpotboyE conatacted stylist Naina Jindal and she said, “For Bigg Boss 13 I was sourcing for a lot of female contestants like Rashami Desai, Mahira Sharma, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Shefali Jariwala already when I got a message from Mahhi Vij requesting to source for Shehnaaz Gill also. And I agreed to it because Mahhi is an immensely popular face and she promised that I will get your credits done and as soon as the show will get over I will return your clothes. I saw Shehnaaz wearing my outfits and gave no credit. I raised my concern to Mahhi and she got it sorted. Once the show was over Mahhi sent me back the outfits among which few jeans and tops were missing. So I messaged her about it and in reply she said few are still with me. I will get that couriered. And during this process only lockdown got announced so she couldn’t send the remaining clothes at that time but I was satisfied as it’s safe with her. And the moment lockdown got lifted I reminded her again to send back my clothes but in return there was no response.”

She concluded “Then one day she said I will ask Shehnaaz’s manager to pick up from my house and courier them but that also did not happen and she was continuously making excuses. One day we spotted one of the tops which Shehnaaz had worn during Bigg Boss 13 so I pinged her. I don’t mind you wearing that but it will be great if you give credit to us which she eventually did. But still my clothes were not returned when we asked her again about the clothes she revealed few are there and some have been misplaced. So I told her for the misplaced clothes, we will generate a bill and give it to you and you kindly pay which she agreed but even after sending her the bill which was just 25k, she stopped responding to our messages and then blocked us. Hence, I decided to take this route to get my money back”.

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