Mukesh Khanna AKA Shaktimaan Says SRK, Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar Can’t Fit In Iconic Superhero’s Role, Gives Reasons Why

The iconic Indian superhero, Shaktimaan, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions. Actor Mukesh Khanna portrayed this character and became a household name during the late 1990s.

Recently, Khanna expressed his views on why certain Bollywood stars — Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff — wouldn’t be suitable to step into the superhero’s shoes.

The Essence Of Shaktimaan

Khanna believes that Shaktimaan embodies a unique blend of strength, morality, and righteousness. His portrayal was deeply rooted in Indian culture and mythology. Any attempt to recreate this character must capture the essence of these qualities.

In a recent interview with the YouTube channel Digital Commentary, OG Shaktimaan — portrayed by Mukesh Khanna — asserted that several actors are rumoured to take on superhero roles.

His statement sheds light on the ongoing speculation within the entertainment industry. Khanna believes a role is unsuitable for an actor with a pre-established and developed image.

“Neither Shah Rukh Khan, nor Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, or Tiger Shroff can become Shaktimaan,” said the actor. When asked who could play the part, Khanna pondered and responded that Shaktimaan ought to be a teacher to the children. He believes there needs to be a new man in the superhero position.

The Superhero’s Aura


Shaktimaan exuded an aura of mysticism and purity. His unwavering commitment to justice and truth resonated with viewers. Despite their charisma, Khanna contends that the abovementioned Bollywood stars lack the spiritual depth to portray Shaktimaan convincingly. Genuine understanding is essential to replicate the superhero’s connection with ancient wisdom and yogic principles.

Physical Transformation

Khanna himself underwent rigorous physical training to portray Shaktimaan. His lean yet powerful physique became synonymous with the character. While fit, Khan, Devgn, and Kumar may not have the same dedication to transform themselves physically for the role. Shaktimaan’s agility, grace, and combat skills were integral to his identity.

The Responsibility Of Legacy

Shaktimaan holds a special place in Indian pop culture. Khanna feels that passing the torch to a new actor would be a weighty responsibility.

The chosen actor must honour the legacy while adding their unique touch. Khan, Devgn, and Kumar have iconic roles, but stepping into Shaktimaan’s shoes requires more than star power — it demands reverence.

The Spiritual Journey

Khanna emphasizes that Shaktimaan’s journey was not just physical but spiritual. The superhero’s battles extended beyond the material world. His inner struggles, meditation, and connection with higher consciousness were pivotal.

Khan, Devgn, and Kumar may excel in action sequences, but can they delve into the metaphysical realm with the exact authenticity?