Neha Kakkar Broke Her Silence On Pregnancy, Divorce: ‘I Was Mentally…’

Famous singer Neha Kakkar has been less visible in front of the camera lately despite singing in big-star movies. She has judged several seasons of Indian Idol, but in recent years, she has distanced herself from reality shows as well.

During this time, rumours about her pregnancy and divorce surfaced, which she finally broke her silence on. Neha Kakkar, the famous singer, has been away from the television world for some time now.

Neha was last seen judging the Indian Idol show in 2022. After that, she continued with her concerts. Meanwhile, rumours of her divorce from Rohanpreet Singh had gained a lot of traction. Not only that, but news of Neha being pregnant also came out.

Neha Kakkar has now revealed the truth behind these rumours

Neha Kakkar, loved by many for her voice, along with her husband Rohanpreet Singh, who is also a singer like her, has been facing rumours about their relationship not being okay lately, which left their fans surprised. Kakkar has now revealed the truth behind these rumours.

In an interview, Neha said, “Since my marriage, only two rumors have been circulating. One, that I am pregnant, and the other, that I am getting divorced. It’s very saddening to hear such news. People say anything for gossip, but I try not to pay attention to all this because I know what the truth is.”

Neha said, “Taking a break from TV was necessary for me. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I’m someone who gives her 100% in whatever show I do. There was a time when I had nothing left in me. I started working in this industry at a young age, so it was necessary for my mental and physical health. But now I’m back with full energy.”

Neha and Rohanpreet got married in 2021. After marriage, Neha shifted her focus from work to family. She said that her husband got the attention he deserved. She said, “Three years have passed since our marriage. I thought let’s focus on work.”