‘Nelia Kapoor’ Wife Of Late Actor Shammi Kapoor Hosted A Lunch For Kapoor Family.

One of the oldest and biggest families who ruled the Indian Film industry for almost a century “The Kapoor family” celebrated the family get-together on Saturday. Kapoor Family participated in the cinema from Late Actor Prithviraj Kapoor to their third generation Kareen, Karishma and Ranbir. The history of Kapoors is wide and impressive. The family is having a strong bond with each other, which can be seen on social media via their in-house party photos and videos.

On Saturday, Nelia Kapoor wife of late actor Shammi Kapoor hosted a lunch for the family at her home. To take participation in the get-together most of the Kapoor’s were seen in the images viral on social media. Jatin Sial, the grandson of Prithviraj Kapoor, shared a photo on Instagram, thanking Neila for inviting them all. “A grand family gets together, thanks Neila aunty,” he wrote. In the photo, Neila was seen blowing out candles on a chocolate cake as others surrounded her. A lavish lunch spread was also laid out on the table. Neetu Kapoor, Babita, Randhir Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor (eldest child of late actor Shashi Kapoor), Rima Jain and others have been seen in the images.

Actor Karisma Kapoor commented on the picture, expressing regret that she could not join the lunch. “Missed meeting you all,” she wrote. Kunal Kapoor also shared a family picture with Neila in the center, flanked by Babita, Randhir and Neetu. Other members of the family also joined in.

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On remembering Late actor Shammi Kapoor, Nelia wrote for Hindustan Times. After the death of Shammi Kapoor’s first wife ‘Geeta Dutt’ she married Shammi in 1969. “By the early ‘60s, Shammi Kapoor rose to peaks as a star. He was the rebel hero of Indian cinema. Along with him, Shashi Kapoor also became a family friend. The death of Geeta Bali in 1965 shocked Shammi Kapoor. He was very emotionally perturbed as she was his true anchor. We came across each other at certain events. There were normal exchanges of pleasantries. He was the ideal father taking due care of son Aditya and daughter Kanchan. She wrote in her letter.

Further, she added, “It was the personal initiative of Krishna Raj Kapoor to get us married. Ours was an arranged one. I tied the knot with Shammi Kapoor on 27th January 1969. Our marriage was a simple family occasion. The entire Kapoor khandan attended. After marriage, Shammi Kapoor changed his outlook and lifestyle with proper counselling. By the early 70s, he was a different person altogether, sober, thinking, mellow and mature,”.

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