‘New Life’: Chhavi Mittal Proudly Flaunts Her Breast Cancer Scar In Latest Swimsuit Pics!

Actor Chhavi Mittal has battled breast cancer. She has shared a new picture of her scars. She was diagnosed with cancer. After she underwent surgery in April this year. Before the New Year, she wrote a note looking back on her journey in 2022. She wrote, “This is what I earned this year. A new life. A better one. A stronger one.”

In the photo, Chhavi looked happy as she posed on the beach. She wore a white swimsuit. Her surgical scar can be seen on the right side of her back. Her post received positive responses from fans and friends.


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Actor Nisha Rawal commented, “Love! Tons of it.” Fans commented that she is beautiful inside and out. They said that no one would see the scar. They do not care about the scar. Some said it was good to hear that she is doing well. She is an amazingly inspirational person for those who have been through similar hardships.


This is not the first time Chhavi has flaunted her scars. On social media, she shared her cancer journey with fans. She was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. She has been positive through this stage.

She opened up about her journey too. She said that the reason why she shared her recovery journey was that when she got cancer, everybody told her about the treatment. But nobody told her about life after cancer. She had the maximum number of questions for her doctors about life after cancer.

She added that it was very important for her to know that. That is why she shared her recovery journey. She thinks that people should know that life after cancer is normal. Every cancer is not scary. Most cancers are treatable now.