On The Matter Of Raging On The Reporter, John Said- “When Someone Asks Me A Stupid Question, I Get Angry” Checkout!

Bollywood actor John Abraham was in the news recently for expressing anger at a reporter. During the promotion of his film Attack, he took out anger on a reporter and called him an idiot. Now John Abraham has given his reaction on this whole incident and has told why he lost his cool at that time. John Abraham recently spoke to The Indian Express. During this, he also talked about the dispute with the reporter. John Abraham said, “Press, some of you, I am not generalizing. Sometimes very stupid questions are asked, which have no basis at all. And I understand that we are all human. Sometimes when I am asked some stupid question, I get really angry.”

Talking about his films, the actor said, “The press is generally very supportive. So, when we talk about the press, it is important to make them aware of the film. Because it is only through you that people know when a film is releasing. Of course, there are advertisements and marketing too, but the real promotion of the film is the film itself. If your film is good then it will work. If your film is not good, it will not work.” Apart from this, John Abraham did many other things. Let us tell you that in the past, he held a press conference for his film Attack. In this press conference, a reporter shared his view and said that his previous film Satyamev Jayate 2 had more action than necessary. After listening to this reporter, John Abraham says that we have come here to talk about the attack, if I have hurt you, then I am sorry for that.

The reporter then tells the actor that the action in his films doesn’t look real. He is seen in movies lifting a bike, fighting alone with dozens of people and stopping a helicopter with his hands, which seems quite unrealistic. On this John Abraham looks at the actress Jacqueline Fernandez sitting next to him and says, ‘I think it is quite frustrated.’ After this John Abraham commenting on his toned body says, ‘I am just trying to get fit. And more than being physically fit, I am trying to be mentally fit to answer such stupid questions. Pointing to the reporter who asked the question, John Abraham said, ‘Because, people are so stupid. Sorry sir, you have left your mind… I apologize to all on your behalf. You will do better next time.