‘Outer Banks’ Star Madelyn Cline Spotted At Pete Davidson’s Las Vegas Show Following Dating Rumors!

Madelyn Cline attended Pete Davidson’s Las Vegas stand-up performance in the midst of dating rumours, Continue reading!

Outer Banks actor Madelyn Cline and comedian Pete Davidson are rumoured to be dating. Cline visited Davidson’s stand-up comedy show in Las Vegas, fueling dating rumours and causing quite a stir among fans and the media. According to Page Six, their brief 24-hour rendezvous in Sin City featured a stay in the lavish Suite, laying the atmosphere for a frantic weekend.

Madelyn Cline And Pete Davidson‘s Las Vegas Trip.

According to reports, Madelyn Cline, an American actress and model, has been dating comedian and actor Pete Davidson.

The couple spent 24 hours in Las Vegas, where Pete was supposed to perform his performance “Pete Davidson Live” at The Chelsea on Saturday night, September 23, 2023, according to Page Six.

Cline and Davidson spend a considerable portion of their time at the Crockford Entertainment Suite on 6, while in Las Vegas for Pete Davidson’s “Pete Davidson Live” event at The Chelsea, adding to the mystery surrounding their relationship status.

Madelyn and Pete started dating last week, only a month after the “Saturday Night Live” alum split up with his previous girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders. According to a source for US Weekly, the two spent the night and had breakfast together the next morning at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Reactions On Social Media.

Pete has had a long history of girlfriends during his time in the spotlight. People have been commenting to Pete dating Madelyn on social media. A user on X shared a clip from a movie in which a character is heard saying, “He can’t keep getting away with it…” in reference to Pete’s dating history.

Madelyn Cline And Pete Davidson’s New Romance.

The news of Madelyn Cline and King of Staten Island actor Pete Davidson’s burgeoning affair broke barely one month after Davidson’s breakup with fiancée Chase Sui Wonders.

Their low-key expedition, complete with baseball hats, suggested a desire for solitude. Pete Davidson has experienced personal challenges and public scrutiny, but his life has taken a new turn with the addition of Madelyn Cline. Fans and the media are intrigued by their potential romance.

Madelyn Cline And Pete Davidson’s Relationship History.

Pete and Chase Sui split up two months after he returned to treatment for PTSD and borderline personality disorder. According to Page Six insiders, Pete’s choice to get therapy again was supported by both Chase and her family.

In the meantime, Madelyn dated her previous co-star Chase Stokes for over a year. Chase was photographed making out with an unknown woman at an Orlando club shortly after the news of their breakup became viral.