Parineeti Chopra’s Look In A Black Trench Coat Sparks Pregnancy Rumour, Netizens Ask, ‘Pregnant Look?’ Checkout!

Buzz about Parineeti Chopra’s pregnancy is sparked by her most recent OOTD from a public event. Netizens share their amusing responses.

Parineeti Chopra oozes glamour in an all-black trench coat in her latest airport look

Parineeti Chopra was seen in a video while she was seen at the Mumbai airport, which we discovered while browsing our social media accounts. Notable for her impeccable style choices, the diva looked stunning with a black trench coat, matching high boots, and a stylish pair of sunglasses. Her effortlessly stylish and laid-back airport appearance was enhanced by her parted hair and subtle makeup. While giving her fans and the paparazzi her picture opportunities, Parineeti was spotted leaving the airport.


Netizens speculate Parineeti’s pregnancy news


As soon as the video went viral, astute internet users noticed it and began to share their thoughts. Well, opinions on Parineeti’s OOTD split the internet. While some online users were annoyed that the actress would dress in a trench coat in a hot and muggy city like Mumbai, a sizable portion of users conjectured that Parineeti was expecting her first child and that’s why she opted for an all-black ensemble for the airport. Click here.

Parineeti Chopra said whether her marriage to Raghav Chadha will affect her dual careers


Parineeti Chopra was previously asked if she thought her marriage to Raghav Chadha would have an impact on her dual careers as an actress and musician in an interview with ETimes. The diva said that getting married wouldn’t mean she would give up on her career. She said:

“Now that I am married, it doesn’t mean that I have to slow down. I wish people would not put everyone in that slot. Different people have different marriages, relationships and life. Some people work even on the day they are getting married. In our case, I am an actor, while he is a politician. We both live in different cities. So, it’s a different kind of marriage. Our marriage doesn’t affect work and work doesn’t affect our marriage. Everything has to go hand-in-hand. It is one life which has all these departments in it and all of them are simultaneously running.”

Parineeti Chopra shared balancing her dual professions as an actor and singer

During the same conversation, Parineeti disclosed whether she would find it challenging to juggle her careers as an actor and singer in a few years. The actress responded by saying she is eager to take on the challenge of pursuing her two passions at the same time. According to her words:

“I want to pursue two careers at the same time. It is an exciting challenge to take. I will work hard. I am getting into the skin of a musician and learning more about the world of concerts. I don’t want to ruin it by overthinking. I am just going to juggle it. Personally, I have a different mindset from other actors. All these things are just a part of my life and not my entire life. My family, friends, holidays, scuba diving, music, husband, career and health are all important and equal in my life.”