‘People Just Want Me…’: Shamita Shetty Opens Up On Social Media Criticism; Checkout Story!

Bollywood star Shamita Shetty recently returned to films with The Tenant. She has been well-received for the film and her performance. When she returned to the public space with her participation in Bigg Boss OTT and later Bigg Boss 14, fans were waiting to see her in a show or a movie. And well, that happened.

She recently was asked what she had to say about the social media critics that are so ubiquitous these days. Shamita Shetty opened up about social media criticism.

She said that she thinks that change has come about because of social media. It is because it is so huge as well as has so many platforms to express oneself. She added, “I think people have always been like this (laughs).”

She said that as a person, as an actor, she is very clear about who she is as a person, so whether she is told something on social media or there’s something negative about her, she remains very clear about who she is.

Shamita Shetty further added that sometimes she goes through her comments. She reads her comments and so many of these people want her to get married. She finds it funny. Shamita does not want to just get married as she has so many other things to do. She said that there’s such an influx of new talent coming in every day, they have to be very strong. Lastly, Shamita Shetty said that they have to be very strong emotionally, mentally, and physically to deal with such criticism.