Priyanka Chopra Gets Trolled For Selling Napkins At 168 Dollars; Netizens Ask, ‘Who Will Buy It?’

Adding another feather to her hat, Priyanka Chopra announced a homeware brand of her own by the name Sona Home. Recently, the actress launched a new collection of homeware items in collaboration with her business partner Maniesh Goyal. It is dedicated to her Indian roots. But the actress is receiving a heavy  backlash from netizens for the same as some desi users on the internet are finding the prices of items to be ‘ridiculously high.’

Although the price is justified for the US buyers but Indians, it is way too much. Let us tell you some of the whopping prices that the items are tagged at on the website of Sona Home. A simple set of cocktail napkins costs Rs 5,300, dinner Napkins are Rs 13,000, a single dinner plate is priced at Rs 4,700 ($60), a piece of the table cloth is Rs 31,000 ($398), a teacup and a saucer cost Rs 5,365 (USD 68).

After the desis converted the prices to Indian rupees, they were in splits as they thought the actress is fooling US citizens. Taking to Reddit, people expressed their disappointment about the same and mercilessly trolled Priyanka Chopra. One of the users wrote, “If anyone pays $400 for a tablecloth, they deserve that level of highway robbery IMO.” Another asked in the comments, “400 dollars for a table cloth …is anyone gonna buy this ..??” A third user penned, “That cloth better is made of gold or some precious silk.”

A fourth user commented, “I wanna be rich to a point where I can casually buy a SONA HOME tablecloth worth 30K INR.” Another wrote, “Itna mahenga cup saucer kharidega tho Chai Patti, doodh waghera ke liye paisa nahin bachega!!” “Whitewashed millionaire Indian selling overpriced bullsh*t to goras as “exotic” Indian designs while probably underpaying the Indians who made them. Capitalism at it’s full display,” read another view.

“Jitne me bread basket aa rahi utne me 2 jodi jeans, 5 cool tshirt, ek badhiya sneekers aa jaate hai bread ke 10 packets aur unhe rakhne wali peti ke sath. $98 nearly Rs 7500,” expressed another netizen.