Rakhi Sawant Demands A Unique Birthday Gift From PM Narendra Modi; Check Out

Rakhi Sawant has become an internet sensation ever since she broke the news of her marriage. Her daily dose of entertaining videos she posts on her respective social media is quite an evidence of her never-ending antics. She often saw left back-to-back comments on the Bigg Boss 13 contestants. Well, Rakhi Sawant’s drama never misses out to make news headlines.

Her obsession with having to put forward her opinions on everything has not been hidden from the world. And taking it a notch higher, Rakhi Sawant has now demanded a  unique birthday gift from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and video of the same have been doing rounds on the internet.

Looks like Rakhi Sawant had just made a big revelation and about the demand for a unique gift she wants from the Indian Prime Minister. Rakhi had expressed her desire with PM and asks him to win over Pakistan, just like he did with Kashmir recently.

During a media interaction with the press near her birthday, Rakhi had expressed this desire. In an exclusive interview with a news channel, the actress stated, “My only wish is that just the way we won over Kashmir back, we also win over Pakistan. #Modi Ji rocks!” followed by a good, long chant of PM Narendra Modi’s name. PM, are you listening. She said.


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In a throwback conversation with News Track, Rakhi Sawant had opened up about the hardships she faced throughout her journey. She also went onto say her original name. “I came here from home. I did it all on my own. My name was Neeru Bheda then and I changed my original name just so I can be one of those stylish actresses in the entertainment industry. When I used to go to an audition, the director-producer used to ask me to show my talent. I did not know then what talent they were talking about. When I used to go for shoots, they use to close the door to harass me. I used to get out of there somehow. “she said.