Ridhi Dogra Calls Out Trolls For Spreading Negativity; Says, “If Trolls Express Themselves, Why Can’t I”

Actors Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty announced their separation a while back, leaving fans heartbroken. Some respected the decision. Others took it upon themselves to blame Bapat’s ex-wife, actor Ridhi Dogra. Amidst the trolling, Dogra took to Twitter to call out those “spreading negativity.”

The post said, “Ok guys. I’m seeing the nonsense being spewed towards me for absolutely no reason coz of Raq. Well he has been my friend before, during and post our marriage and I stand by all my friends and wish them well in whatever they decide for themselves.”

Now, the Asur actor has finally opened up about the entire incident. Such incidents have a negative impact on her mental health. She gets affected if her name is being dragged into matters that have nothing to do with her.

“I don’t take seriously what trolls say, and I didn’t take it that badly back then, because I understand that I’m in the public domain,” she shares. The reason Dogra shared the post was that “if they can express themselves, why can’t I? Whatever you think of me, I can’t come to your house and sit you down and ask what the problem is. If you have the right to express yourself, I do too. But once I was finished, I didn’t give it much thought,” explained she.

Ridhi believes that trolling is something she is well aware of. She said, “It is not surprising, the things that happen to everyone every day. Anyone who is in the public eye is vulnerable. So, once I posted my feelings, I knew they would also be trashed by the public. And I was fine with it.”

She concluded, “Strong people are strong for a reason: they don’t look at what holds them back. I won’t be smiling if I start looking down. And it’s not just the trolls. There are numerous factors in life that work against you. Things don’t always go as planned. And I believe that you should not take everything personally.”