Rubina Dilaik Opens Up On ‘TROLLING’ During Pregnancy; ‘Didn’t Want To Look In The Mirror’

Rubina Dilaik opened up on her pregnancy journey and phase when she didn’t want to look in the mirror. She also mentions trolling incidents.

Image credit: Rubina Dilaik/ Instagram

Mom-to-be actress Rubina Dilaik is all set to embrace motherhood. The actress revealed recently that she’s expecting twins. The talented actress has now taken to her YouTube channel to produce a chat show wherein she interacts with new moms and talks to them about their pregnancy journey.

Rubina on not being able to look in the mirror during pregnancy

She revealed that it takes a while for expecting women to accept that they’re going through a transformation. She also mentioned how husbands can help ensure that their wives feel secure about the relationship despite their physical transformation.

Image credit: Rubina Dilaik/ Instagram

While talking about physical transformation during pregnancy, Rubina Dilaik said, “Suddenly, the skin also starts looking dull. My dermatologist told me that because my skin is collecting a lot of melatonin, I don’t feel like watching myself.”

She stated that men making sure that their personal and intimate relationships wouldn’t change because of the physical transformation and telling the women that their hearts and minds make them beautiful would work wonders to help pregnant women deal with the stress.

Rubina Dilaik on trolling during pregnancy

Rubina explained how her body is used to yoga, swimming, dancing, and Pilates. However, she used to always take an expert consultation before doing any of these activities. But whenever she used to post something, she used to get trolled.

Image credit: Rubina Dilaik/ Instgaram

“Whenever I used to put a social media post, I used to get trolled so badly. People would tell me that a pregnant woman shouldn’t do this or that. They used to write, ‘What are you teaching to all the pregnant women out there?’ It became so difficult for me because I was doing what my body was doing for years. My body is used to it and has a certain flexibility and cadence of accepting it.”

Rubina is currently in her ninth month, and a good news announcement is expected any minute.