Ruckus Broke Out On Adipurush’s Poster As People See Sri Ram, Maa Sita Without ‘Janeu’ And ‘Sindoor’

The release date of superstar Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s most anticipated film, Adipurush, is again in contention. At first, there was a buzz around the film’s teaser, and the producers delayed and changed the film’s release. The hype also started with Ramnavami when a new poster for “Adipurush Trailer” was released. In addition to the noise, a lawsuit was also registered against the film’s director and producer Om Raut (Director Om Raut) and the cast.

People got Angry seeing Adipurush Poster

The story of Adipurush was reportedly accused of offending religious sentiments. It is said that characters from Hindu mythology are distorted on movie posters. Under these circumstances, many people, including film directors Film Prabhas and Film Kriti Sanon, filed complaints with the Mumbai Police Department.There was also confusion as the new Adipurush poster did not show Shri Ram with Janeu and Mata Sita did not use vermilion in her mang. People were outraged when they saw the actors playing Sriram and Mata sita in the incomplete looks.

Complaint Registered under this section

The complaint states that Adipurush’s new poster inappropriately depicts characters from the Hindu scripture Ramcharitmanas and violates the Hindu religious sensibility of director Om Raut, Dharma Samaj. The complaint was registered under sections 295(A), 298, 500, 34 of the Indian Penal Code. At the same time, the FIR submission was also made.

Adipurush VFX Also Drew Criticism

A teaser for Adipurush was released last year. Where Saif Ali Khan, who plays Ravana in the film, is making a fuss about his beard and mascara. The film’s VFX also drew a lot of criticism from people. After that, the creators of “Adipurush” postponed the release of the film for a long time.