Shabana Azmi Roll In Tears While Talking About Bilkis Bano, Said – Release Of The Culprits Is Shameful!

Recently, The convicts of gang rape with Bilkis Bano have been released after an apology to the Gujarat state government. Since then, people’s opinions seem to be divided on this issue. There are some people who are in favour of the prisoners of Bilkis.

At the same time, most say it is injustice to the victim who was ruined by these convicts. Many Bollywood actors have also expressed dissatisfaction about this. Recently, Javed Akhtar made a strong announcement about the release of these prisoners. Now another name has been added to this list. Javed’s wife and famous Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi has her own opinion on this matter.

she frankly spoke about this in an interview with the TV channel. During this, She also became emotional and tears roll her eyes. she said: “People’s understanding of heinous and heinous crimes in our country today is not sufficiently developed. After the release of the prisoners from Bilkis Bano, they were offered to distribute sweets. Moreover, it is also a bouquet. What message was sent to this country? This is a very terrible situation. I’m ashamed. In this country, there is talk and discussions of empowering women. But when I saw all this, I was numb.

In addition, she said, “just think about those who survived these cruelty. What happened to the victim after he was released? she says she saw how the Nirbhaya’s convicts were punished for his guilt .How The whole country cme together to get justice for her but what about Bilkis Bano. In this case also, we should all raise our voices together. But when it comes to Bilkis Bano, everyone is silent.