Shahid Kapoor’s Dance Sparks Controversy With Unexpected Footwear Twist

Shahid Kapoor, the charismatic Bollywood star, has recently found himself amid social media uproar. The controversy erupted after the release of the song “Laal Peeli Akhiyaan” from his upcoming film, “Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya,” where he is seen dancing with the talented Kriti Sanon. However, it wasn’t the dance moves or the song that grabbed netizens’ attention—it was Shahid Kapoor’s choice of heeled shoes.

Shahid Kapoor’s Latest Dance Video Raises Eyebrows: Heels and Controversy

Shahid Kapoor's Dance Moves Spark Controversy: Netizens Question His Heeled Shoes"
Shahid Kapoor’s Dance Moves Spark Controversy: Netizens Question His Heeled Shoes”

In the dance video, while Kriti Sanon looked stunning in a blue chiffon saree with a shimmery border and embellished blouse, Shahid Kapoor donned an all-black outfit. The twist came when eagle-eyed netizens noticed Shahid wearing heeled shoes, while Kriti opted for flats. This sparked a height debate among fans, with some expressing their views on Shahid’s choice.

Netizens Label Shahid ‘Insecure’ for Heeled Shoes

As a Reddit user shared a screengrab with the caption, “Why am I solely focusing on Shahid’s heels and not the song playing?” netizens flooded the comments section. Some pointed out that Shahid’s choice of heels was an attempt to appear taller than Kriti, labelling him ‘insecure.’ Comments ranged from observations about Kriti wearing flats to discussions on Shahid’s possible motivations.

netizens react on shahid dance with kriti sanon in heeled shoes
Netizens reaction to Shahid dances with Kriti Sanon in heeled shoes

Shahid Kapoor: Controversial Statements and Social Media Backlash

This is not the first time Shahid Kapoor has faced social media backlash. Previously, the actor stirred controversy with his statements on marriage during an interview. Netizens criticized his perspective, where he suggested that women fix men in relationships. The actor’s take on marriage led to a flurry of mean comments, with some calling him a manchild and others questioning his views on relationships.

Shahid Kapoor's Dance Moves Spark Controversy: Netizens Question His Heeled Shoes"

Join the Conversation: What’s Your Take?

As the controversy surrounding Shahid Kapoor’s heeled shoes continues to circulate on social media, we invite you to share your thoughts. Do you think Shahid’s decision to wear heeled shoes while dancing with Kriti is justified, or do you side with the critics? Join the conversation and let us know your perspective on this trending topic!

Moreover, In the world of Bollywood, where fashion and personal choices are under constant scrutiny, Shahid Kapoor’s heeled shoes have become the latest focal point of discussion. So, Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the intriguing world of Bollywood controversies.


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