Shark Tank India 2: Vineeta Singh Cries While Securing A Rock-bottom Deal. Discover Reason

The entertaining pitches and witty banter between the judges on Shark Tank India 2, presented by comedian Rahul Dua, are trending on social media. Each time one of the six sharks tries to close a deal with a pitcher, there is a good chance that one or more others will try to block them. In contrast, we witnessed a shark show emotion when signing a contract in the most recent episode.

What happened?

Jasmine Kaur and Chetan Sharda, owners of a healthy food company, were the first pitchers on the most recent show. They gave the sharks their presentation and sought one crore in exchange for 2% ownership. Their experience and business strategy wowed the sharks. After trying the brand’s snacks, they were pretty appreciative.

Namita said her 11-year-old son would prefer the chocolate quinoa puff over regular chocolates. When the sharks asked what was in the items, they checked the label, and Namita was astonished to discover such a high salt content. The panel of “sharks” unanimously concluded that the items’ health claims needed to be revised.

Namita said the excessive salt level turned her off, and Anupam said he doesn’t invest in businesses with “questionable health claims.” Even though none of the sharks were interested, Vineeta probed for financial details by asking how much money they had. Anupam responded sarcastically, “Aapko badhi chinta hai toh aap kar dijiye offer.” (Why don’t you make a deal if you’re that anxious, though?)

Check out the video:

After some back and forth, Vineeta offered the pitchers 10 crores for 8%, and they accepted. She said she was making the offer in anticipation that the pitchers would double the money and utilize it as operating capital. Her eyes flooded with tears as she signed the agreement and said, “There was a point when I had just 10 lakhs in my account, and the 1 crore loan had allowed me to recover my business from rock bottom.”