Swara Bhasker Shut Slams A Lawyer For Judging Without Reading Entire Tweet On Migrants, “Jahil To Nahi Honge”

Swara Bhasker has always voiced her opinion against any and every matter. Be it about the casteism prevalent in the society, the patriarchy, or the stereotypical thinking of people in the Indian society, she has always been vocal. She gets trolled and criticized due to the same but she has always given a befitting reply to trolls and who questions her morality. Recently, she slammed a journalist who called her ‘tumse’ instead of ‘apse’. Now, Swara Bhasker shut slams a lawyer who misunderstood her tweet and criticized the actor.

Swara Bhasker Shut Slams

It all started when Swara urged her follower to help the migrant workers nearby them by volunteering to fill forms for. However, a lwayer misunderstood her tweet and started criticizing the actor. But Swara being Swara who left no chance to give it back to the trollers, slammed him left and right.

Swara tweeted, “अगर आप दिल्ली या दिल्ली के आस पास रहने वाले किसी श्रमिक/श्रमिकों को जानते हैं जिन्हें उत्तर प्रदेश या बिहार में अपने घर  वापिस जाना है तो उनके नाम, मोबाइल नम्बर, गंतव्य और अभी वह कहाँ हैं ये सब डिटेल इस फ़ॉर्म में भरें! हमारे साथी आपकी मदद करेंगे!  (If you know any workers / laborers living in or around Delhi who have to go back to their homes in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar, then fill in all the details of their name, mobile number, destination and where they are now! Our partners will help you!)” To which, a lawyer bashed the actress thinking she is asking the labourers to fill the form through Twitter. He wrote, “मूर्खता का प्रदर्शन मत करो @ReallySwara, ट्विटर पे कोन मजदूर होगा! (Don’t be silly, how will be a labourer be on Twitter).”

Swara gave a savage reply to the lawyer, which reads, “Tweet दोबारा पढ़ो वकील साहिब.. जाहिल तो नहीं होंगे अगर वकील हो!! लिखा है कि अगर आप किसी श्रमिक को जानते हैं। फ़ालतू की नुख्ता चीनी करने की जगह किसी मज़दूर का फ़ॉर्म ही भर दो!!!! (Read the tweet again, vakil sahab. I’m sure you’re not illiterate of you’re a lawyer! It is written that if you know any worker, fill the form of a labourer!)”

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