Tanushree Dutta Talks About Her ‘Awkward Kissing’ Scene With Emraan Hashmi; ‘He’s Not The Most Comfortable Kisser’

Tanushree Dutta gained fame after her debut in Aditya Datt’s 2005 Bollywood movie “Aashiq Banaya Aapne”. The film starred Emraan Hashmi and their steamy kissing scenes became the talk of the town. However, Tanushree has recently revealed that neither of them are comfortable kissers. She also shared an awkward kissing scene with Emraan in the movie “Chocolate”, which was never included in the final cut..

Image credit: Tanushree Dutta/ Instagram

Tanushree Dutta opens up on her kissing scenes with Emraan Hashmi

Tanushree Dutta and Emraan Hashmi have worked together in three films: Aashiq Banaya Aapne (2005), Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets (2005), and Good Boy, Bad Boy (2007). While speaking, the actress praised Emraan, saying that he has been an actor right from day 1. Recalling their awkward kissing scene in Chocolate, she said that she feels they have no chemistry with each other.

Image credit: Tanushree Dutta / Instagram

“We shot for a kissing scene in Chocolate too, but they didn’t keep it. It was very awkward the first time. The second time, the awkwardness was reduced. Because personally, in real life, we don’t have any chemistry with each other. He does have a kisser-boy image, but he is not the most comfortable kisser. And neither am I,” said Tanushree.

Emraan Hashmi wants to move on from ‘serial kisser’ tag

Meanwhile, Emraan Hashmi, who was last seen in Tiger 3, recently talked about how he wants to get rid of the ‘serial kisser’ tag that has been associated with him. He said that it was given to himself as a joke, but the tag stuck with people.

“Then lies an eternal trap for all actors where if you are playing a commercial lead, you will be trapped by a certain archetype of a character or a hero. And here it was this, whatever you call it (serial kisser), it was an absurd name. It was given to myself as a joke but stuck with people for some reason,” he told Indian Express. He admitted that he did benefit from it, however, he wanted to move on and try something different.