TMKOC Controversy: Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal Opens Up On Her Battle For Pending Dues!

Recently, Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, known for her role as Mrs. Roshan Singh Sodhi on the popular TV series TMKOC, has been in the news for filing a case of sexual harassment against the producer Asit Modi, executive producer Jatin Bajaj, and project head Sohail Ramani. After being part of the series for almost 15 years, she departed and publicly expressed her grievances with the producers, leading to an ongoing dispute.

Financial Struggles: Jennifer’s Pending Dues and Family Responsibilities

Jennifer has raised a significant concern regarding the pending dues owed to her by TMKOC makers. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she disclosed that she had not been paid for 3.5 months of work. She shared her financial struggles and the burden of providing for her seven family members, revealing that she has minimal money in her bank account. Despite the challenges, Jennifer remains hopeful and trusts that she will be provided for, as she has been in the past.

Mumbai Police Inquiry: Calls Regarding the Filed FIR

The Mumbai police have contacted Jennifer regarding her filed FIR (First Information Report), adding further controversy to the already tense situation surrounding TMKOC. Monika Bhadoriya, another former actress from the show who portrayed Bawri, has also made allegations regarding withheld dues.

According to her, the makers kept her payment for three months, resulting in a loss of approximately ₹4-5 lakhs in a year. It seems that Jennifer’s case is not an isolated incident. Monika said her time working on the sitcom was a terrible experience. She also accused Asit Modi of inappropriate behaviour. In addition, she expressed her disapproval of Sohail Ramani, the head of the Project, alleging that artists are mistreated on the TMKOC sets and treated like “dogs.”

Seeking Justice and Accountability: The Way Forward

The allegations made by Jennifer and Monika have brought to light the negative side of the entertainment industry, highlighting issues such as pending dues and workplace misconduct. Their courage to speak up against influential figures emphasizes the importance of ensuring a safe and fair working environment for all artists. As legal proceedings continue, the future of TMKOC hangs in the balance, and the industry faces introspection and calls for accountability.