Tragic Death Of Canadian Actor Saint Von Colucci, Star Underwent 12 Surgeries To Look Like BTS’ Jimin

It’s natural to admire and emulate our favourite celebrities. However, the obsession to look like them can have severe consequences. The pressure to conform to societal beauty standards and the unrealistic expectations set by the media can lead to body dysmorphia, a mental health disorder that causes individuals to obsess over perceived flaws in their appearance.

The cosmetic surgery industry has grown significantly in recent years, and with it, the number of individuals seeking extreme alterations to their appearance. Unfortunately, many of these procedures carry significant risks, including infection, scarring, and even death.

The tragic case of Saint Von Colucci, a Canadian actor who passed away at the age of 22 after undergoing 12 surgeries to resemble the BTS star, Jimin, highlights the dangers associated with such behaviour. Read the story further to know about his death.

Saint Von Colucci Wanted to Look Like BTS’ Jimin


Saint Von Colucci passed away early on Sunday, April 23, at a hospital in South Korea following problems related to cosmetic surgeries he underwent recently. His age was only 22, according to

To portray the K-pop singer for a US streaming network, Von Colucci reportedly paid $220,000 on 12 plastic procedures, according to his publicist. He underwent surgery on Saturday night to remove the implants which he had placed in November 2022. He had been intubated due to problems and an infection from the implants, but he passed away hours later.

Sant Von Was Obsessed About Cosmetic Surgeries



According to his friend Blake, Saint was insecure about his looks. He hated his squared jawline and wanted to have a V-shaped jawline like many Asians. Over the past year, Von Colucci underwent 12 cosmetic procedures, including lip reduction, rhinoplasty, facelift, nose job, eye lift, brow lift, lip surgery, implants, and jaw surgery. But even after going through intense cosmetic surgeries, he died due to complications.

Saint Von’s tragic death has gathered importance on mental health. While it’s natural to want to emulate our favourite celebrities, it’s essential to remember that true beauty comes from within. Obsessing over appearance can lead to dangerous behaviours, and it’s crucial to prioritize our health and well-being over our appearance.


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