Uorfi Javed Gets ‘Kachra Balti Award’ From Politician Shabnam Sheikh For Spoiling Minds Of Youth-Checkout!

TV beauty and Internet sensation Uorfi Javed aka Urfi is known for her bold and creative dressing sense. She always brings something out of the box on the tables of fashion bugs. It is Javed’s unconventional outfits that make her a favorite of the paparazzi too. But some people around her do get offended by her sartorial choices. And one of them is politician Shabnam Shaikh.

Recently, Shaikh ignited a war with Javed once again. Along with some other ladies, she presented the ‘Kachra Balti Award’ to Urfi. Stating the reason behind it, Shabnam said, “Urfi, this donation is for you. Come and collect it. Toh yeh certificate tere liye aur yeh kachra bhi tere liye. Pure Hindustan mein sirf tu yeh Kachra award deserve karti hai (So this certificate and garbage is for you because in the entire country, only you deserve this Garbage award).”

Shabnam also read the lines written on certificate aloud. It stated, “Urfi Javed is spoiling the society environment by ruining women modesty at public places, setting wrong example for youth of today.”

Let us tell you that Shabnam who has over 3 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel tried to mess with Urfi in the past too. The national president of Help Care Foundation (according to her Instagram bio) gave a threat to slap the former Bigg Boss OTT contestant besides filing a police complaint against her. She also urged ‘Maulanas’ to issue a Fatwa against Urfi.

Urfi did not remained silent on the same and exposed Shabnam with a video that depicted her abusing innocent women. She also called her a ‘wannabe politician’. The Splitsvilla X4 participant is yet to react to Shabnam’s latest attack on her.