‘What’s Wrong With Her Hairstylist’: Aishwarya Rai Gets Brutally Trolled For Maintaining Same Boring Hairstyle!

Whether fake pregnancy rumors, weight gain issues, or for being an over-protective mother, Aishwarya has been trolled for almost everything. Aishwarya’s daughter Aradhya is always on netizens target when it comes to maintaining same bangs haircut since the day she was born. But this time, Aradhya’s mother Aish is being trolled on social media for keeping the same boring hairstyle.

Whether its a formal event, party, award function, or a wedding function, Aish is spotted everywhere in same open straight hair since years now. Earlier fans loved to see Aish in new looks and hairstyles and loved her Bengali bun hairstyle. Since the release of her movie ‘ae dil hai mushkil’ it was observed that Aish never changed her hairdo. She adopted the straight hair with red highlights to play the character of ‘Saba’ and ended up maintaining Saba’s hairdo in real life too. Being a public figure, fans expect stars to experiment with new and different styles. But when things doesn’t go as expected, these celebrities are brutally trolled on social media.

Recently, Aishwarya made an appearance for a Mumbai based event and was spotted again with her same boring hairstyle. Her hairstyle instantly took netizens attention and she was criticized for being so monotonous with life. A netizen commented “what’s wrong with her hairstylist” and “jab dekhlo same hairstyle”. A comment also said as “dono maa beti kabhi hairstyle change nahi karti” making fun of this mother-daughter duo. Many females in the comment section were seen giving advices and asking Aish to change her hairdo!