When it comes to intimate area hair, choices often differ. While some women may like to sport a wild bush, others remove their pubic hair regularly to go completely bare down there. Whatever your choice, it is important that you are comfortable and confident with it.

Periodic patterns apart, most women do groom intimate areas at some point of time. Whether you keep a slot every fortnight to get rid of the pubic hair or rarely do so for special occasions, you need to be careful about choosing a way that is safe and easy for you. In a recent survey, more than a quarter of those who groom their bikini line area confessed that they had injured themselves in the process at least once with cuts, burns, or rashes. Ouch! In this part of the everteen Intimate Hygiene Secrets, we look at the pros and cons of the common methods of removing hair from the bikini line area, and what you should be particularly careful about.

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It is a quiet common method of intimate area hair removal and is quick and easy. However, since the skin in your intimate areas is very delicate, shaving it with razor can pose a hazard. It can lead to accidental cuts, ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Many women complain of itchiness, rashes and an uncomfortable stubbly feeling after shaving bikini line hair. Another issue with shaving is that the hair grows back very quickly, and it may appear thicker and blunt too since the razor cuts it at its thickest part near the roots.


Bikini wax or intimate area waxing is similar to waxing any other part of your body. Hair is pulled out from the roots with the help of a hot wax and does not grow back too quickly. However, it is one of the most painful hair removal methods and can be quite uncomfortable too. Doing a Brazilian wax by yourself is next to impossible, so privacy too is a concern for several women. Experts warn that apart from the burns, waxing also poses a risk of causing tiny tears in the hair follicles while ripping out hair. These tears can be sites for breeding bacteria and causing infections such as cellulitis and staph.

Depilatory Creams:

Many women use the ordinary hair removal creams available in the market. They do the job quickly and are painless to use. However, experts recommend that such normal hair removal creams meant for legs, arms and other body parts should be avoided for the sensitive bikini line area, as their strong chemical composition can cause skin irritation and burning sensation. Since hair on other body parts is relatively tougher, normal hair removal creams are made using harsher chemicals that will effectively remove such body hair. These chemicals which are not safe for the delicate skin of bikini area. They often also cause skin darkening and bad odour.

So, what should you do?

Bikini line hair removal crème:

everteen has formulated India’s first hair remover for the bikini line and underarms area, which is the outcome of intensive research over several years, rigorous tests and feedback from real users. With 100% natural camomile extracts, the “No Harsh Smell” formula of everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line gives your sensitive skin a gentle cleansing and removes hair effectively without itching, irritation or burning. It gives you a soft and smoother bikini line in just five minutes. Specially designed for the sensitive skin of intimate areas, it does not contain any harsh chemicals, to give you a clean, smooth bikini area without the fear of burns or cuts or even dark skin.

Now, you no longer need not to be a ‘Warrior Queen’ wielding sharp scarring weapons such as razors to remove bikini line hair. You can flaunt your swimsuits and experience the joy of a confident, silky bikini line, without any rashes or foul smell.

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