Foods that make your Skin Glow

5 Foods that make your Skin Glow

And grow with health. By Dr Preethi Nagaraj Beauty is only skin deep goes an old adage. In the present day, where a person is judged mainly by their external appearance, it unfortunately does not seem to hold good. It is interesting to note…


Benefits of Sitting on the floor while eating

A habit for healthy body and mind. By Arun Kumar Bharati Eating at a table and chair is not healthy. But the age-old Indian trdition of sitting on the floor and eating is scientifically proved the right way to eat. When we sit on floor to e…


The History and Culture of Cake Mixing

Yum, Yum! By Shoma A. Chatterji Cake mixing has become a celebratory event across India in recent times. This is not the home-baked cakes and muffins and pastries one is talking about. Or the tarts and the chocolate cakes one buys at cut-th…


What Does it take to be a Teetotaller?

Just better sense. By Tarang Sinha Many years back, when I was in school, we had a family wedding. We girls were excited to travel as baraatis. We had to go some other town for the wedding but, surprisingly, my grandfather strictly said no …


Avoid getting Fat

The chilling winter season is here along with its cold shivering breeze. What comes along as a complementary unwanted gift with this season is more chances to make us gain weight. Wasting all those hard-working gym sessions, winters make us…


Foods to eat on New Year’s Eve

2017 is just around the corner and irrespective of which part of the globe you’re in, the excitement and the thrill of having survived another trip around the Sun, will get to you. While drinks and merry-making is big part of New Year’s Eve…


International flavours make way to Delhi Grub Fest

A three-day food festival, The Grub Fest, is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. The festival got a grand opening last weekend and the craze continued till it all came to an end. We remember the long queue at the Jawahar Lal Nehr…


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