i’m 24 years old and i’m in relationship almost from 3 years.He is 27 and doing MS in foreign we know each others families before our relation..at the start everything was good he told me everything that i’m rigid and my family as well at that time i thought i shouldn’t go wid him i’m not his type but he said you’ll adjust and also he told me about his first lov and how she died and how he had suffered i accepted all….but after sometime he behaved strange like said don’t call don’t message me i was shocked asked him again and again what happened you wanna go lets go but simply say don’t behave like this but he was not telling me anything then i blocked him from everything except number i thought he’ll not call me on number then after one month he called me on number and said how r you whats going on unblock me wanna say something i unblocked him then he talked to me whole night and said if i don’t wanna talk or decline or call means i’m busy or i’m in something problem i even didn’t talk to my family that time cause i was in problem you cannot understand foreign problems…..the same happens from 3 years we fought then we don’t talk then after sometimes he message me or i texted him last time he says my mom and sisters knows about you i told them everything and when you’ll come to my home you’ll know that…….i don’t understand the problem is long distance relation or he doesn’t lov me cause lov happens only one time and he did or its me i’m not getting him please suggest me what to do