BB16: Shalin Bhanot Does THIS After Conforming If Confession Room Is Soundproof; Checkout Story!

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, Shalin Bhanot confessed his feelings in the confession room in front of Bigg Boss. He was frustrated as well as angry as he felt lonely inside the house. He lost his calm and knocked on the door to leave the room.

Shalin Bhanot told Bigg Boss that there is no one in the house who is talking to him. He said that he is losing his mind and wanted out of this mess. Fans reacted to the promo video shared by ColorsTV.


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The channel shared the promo on its social media account. The caption read, “Confession room mein Shalin ne kho diya apna aapa.” The promo started with Shalin asking Bigg Boss inside the confession room if the room is soundproof.  Bigg Boss replied that the room is soundproof. After that, he got up angrily from the couch showing frustration.

He stood at one corner of the confession room and said that there is nobody with whom he can talk in this house. Shalin added that this house is making him lose his sanity and peace. He rambled on for a moment and said that he cannot continue. He requested Bigg Boss to get him off the grid. An angry Shalin knocked on the door of the confession room.

Viewers replied, “The great actor award goes to Shalin Bhanot,” “Don’t be hard on yourself Shalin,” “Overacting ki dukaan,” “Bigg Boss nikal do esko, mazaak bana ke rakha hai apna,” “Trying and copying Sidharth Shukla which is looking foolish and overacting” etc.