Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot Leaves The Show Voluntarily- Deets Inside

The latest Bigg Boss 16 episode was action-packed. After MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot’s incident, pressure is on.

Tina Datta and Shalin are apart. Tina and Sumbul argued over Shalin in the previous episode. Everyone interprets arguments differently, causing chaos.

MC Stan, Tina, and Shalin are called to the confessional. Even Bigg Boss, who wants them to straighten things up, says who was to fault. Tina’s injuries led to a confrontation between Shalin and Stan, so BB wants to know whom she blames.

Tina and Shalin argue in the confessional. MC Stan tells BB that Shalin disrespected his parents in the confessional. Tina informs BB that MC Stan is more aggressive, but both are at fault. Shalin is outraged when Tina doesn’t say she’ll punish or expel MC Stan. Tina and Shalin argue in the confessional while she remains impartial.


Shalin declares his resignation to BB as Tina and Stan depart. BB is concerned about his intentions and the penalty cost. Shalin confirms he knows the escape plans and is prepared.

Tina informs Nimrit that Shalin’s enterprises make his departure easy. “Why did he even come? He does not need money. He has his own business. He had to be going there for a reason.”

Priyanka and Ankit remain with Shalin to hear what occurred. BB instructs Shalin not to speak to other inmates. Salman Khan will make the ultimate decision during Weekend Ka Vaar. Tina asks Shalin before Nimrit, “What are you doing? Your group is the incorrect one. Watch out for Priyanka.”

Shalin professes to consider Gautam, a friend, yet he doesn’t support Tina. “She treated me like tissue paper,” Shalin says. “I don’t ever want to see her face again. What a performer. She has a place on the show. I gave her all I had. Nothing could have affected me in such a way. Never put your confidence in her as she lied.”

Sumbul and Gautam comfort him as he cries. Sumbul tells Shalin to seek vengeance and postpone leaving. Sumbul won’t leave Shalin’s side, so Nimrit stops him to talk to Tina. Shalin calls Tina a player and claims she’s using him as toilet paper despite her protests. Tina instructs Shalin to stay still and threatens to change into furniture if he doesn’t.