Bigg Boss OTT 2: Cyrus Broacha Abruptly Exits; Checkout To Know The Reason Behind His Exit

Cyrus Broacha, known for his incredible comedic talent and entertaining audiences for over twenty years, is among the contestants participating in this season of Bigg Boss. He was entertaining the audiences but recently he had to exit the Bigg Boss show due to some reason. Scroll further to know why Cyrus left the show!

Cyrus Broacha Made Exit From The Bigg Boss

Cyrus Broacha has exited the ongoing season of Bigg Boss OTT 2 due to a family medical emergency. Over the past week, Cyrus had expressed his desire to leave the show and had discussed it with host Salman Khan during the weekend special episode.

Sources from the show revealed that Cyrus had to urgently depart from Bigg Boss OTT 2 because of an unforeseen medical situation within his family. They have requested privacy and understanding during this challenging period. It remains uncertain whether Cyrus will make a comeback to the show.

Cyrus Desperately Want To Quit The Show

Throughout the past week, Cyrus had been vocal about his desire to leave the show prematurely. He went as far as stating that three weeks was the maximum duration he could tolerate being inside the Bigg Boss house. Expressing dissatisfaction with the lack of food and sleep, Cyrus addressed the camera last week, saying, “I have done what I could. I cannot handle this any longer. Living here has become unbearable and dreadful.” He also claimed to be formally experiencing depression.

Furthermore, during a conversation with Salman Khan, Cyrus expressed his distress, saying, “Oh god, I really can’t take it anymore. Physically, I am completely drained. I have lost weight. While you are talking, I can’t even listen anymore. My diabetes is worsening. I am pleading with them to let me leave. I am no longer contributing; I am merely like a lifeless soul in this place now.”

Meanwhile Bigg Boss fans were shocked to see Cyrus’s exit from the show. No one has any idea of whether he will be returning back or not!


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