If you are a Bollywood fan, you would know that Kareena and Karan have a different story all together. They are BFFs of the town since so many ages. They literary share their secrets with each other and known as the gossipers of the town. They discuss everyone’s story and are a important part of each other’s life. Well, one thing you might miss is the time when they had a huge fallout. Karan Johar-Kareena Kapoor’s Huge Fight; Actor Recalls

It all started when the filmmaker offered role of Naina from Kal Ho Naa Ho to Kareena and she demanded a huge amount for her role, equivalent to that of Shah Rukh Khan. That was the time when the two didnt talk to each other for almost a year.

Discussing about the same in his memoir, An Unsuitable Boy, KJo wrote, “She asked for too much money and we had some kind of a fallout at that time,” adding that she wasn’t also sure about Nikkhil Advani’s ability to deliver at the box-office. “The weekend of Mujhse Dosti Karoge’s release, I offered her Kal Ho Naa Ho, and she asked for the same (amount of) money that Shah Rukh Khan was getting. I said, ‘Sorry’. I was very hurt. I told my father, ‘Leave that negotiation room’ and I called her. She didn’t take my call, and I said, ‘We’re not taking her.’ And signed Preity Zinta instead,” he added.

The K2H2 director further wrote, “Kareena and I didn’t speak to each other for almost a year. For a year, we looked through each other at parties. It was very idiotic. She was a kid; she’s a decade younger than me.” He continued, “Then came a function, organized by the police, where I saw Kareena and gave her a semi-smile, but she looked away and so I looked away too. I thought, how dare she behave like this with me?”

And then during the shooting of the film, Kal Ho Naa Ho, the duo, Karan and Kareena patched-up after the latter got to know about his father Yash Johar’s cancer diagnosis. Kareena got in touch with Karan and they buried the hatchet. Karan Johar-Kareena Kapoor’s Huge Fight; Actor Recalls.