Milind Soman has been a heartthrob and a crush of almost every 90s and early 2000 girls. Even the girls of today can’t keep their eyes off of him. He has always been in the limelight for his lifestyle and his fit body. And ever since he married the much younger Ankita Konwar, he has been making the headlines all the time. Be it for the age gap or his seductive pictures with his wife, he has been at the receiving end of many trolls and criticism. Recently, he was asked a really dumb question when a troll asked him about the chances of cheating on a younger wife. And Milind Soman was in no mood to take sh*t from anyone.

Milind Soman Ankita Konwar

While speaking to, Milind said, “I think it has to do with the person, and what is important to you. The relationship is not about sex really, it’s about the relationship itself. It is something that is satisfying. I don’t think sex is all that important, it’s the relationship that is important. The closeness is important. The warmth is important. The sharing is important. If you don’t have that in a relationship, it’s not the one.” He further added, “You might have great sex, but it’s not a relationship. I think people stray when they don’t get the emotional support they need to lead their life.”

 Milind’s wife Ankita also reacted to the question by sharing the screenshot of the answer on her Instagram, praising his answer while also thanking him for being her husband. The post read, “I don’t know about the question but the answer is definitely logical and valid. Thank you for being you husband @milindrunning PS – It’s from a particular Q&A from an interview sesh by the husband that’s been circulating a few SM handles, just FYI.”

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