Narayan Murthy Calls Kareena Kapoor ‘Rude’, Sussanne Khan Supports His Take On Ex-Husband’s ‘Once Rumored GF’

Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy is currently attracting limelight after making comments on Kareena Kapoor’s behavior. In an old video that has surfaced online, Murthy is heard critiquing the actress for ignoring her fans on a flight. The clip has become viral and now, the topic is becoming even more spicy with actor Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan’s take on the entire controversy.

In the video circulated by various Instagram pages, Narayan is heard telling that once he and Kareena were seated next to each other while coming from London. He said that many people came to say hello to the actress but she didn’t even bother to react. Her snooty attitude surprised the business tycoon.

Sussanne surprised everyone with her thoughts on Narayan slamming Kareena. Taking a dig at her ex-husband’s ‘once rumored girlfriend’, the designer in agreement with entrepreneur wrote, “Well said, Mr. Murthy. (Clap emojis)”.

Soon after, netizens began reacting to Sussanne’s comment on the clip. One user wrote, “Finally Hrithik has some ex drama in his life.” Another said, “Twenty years later, and Sussane is still salty.” “If Suzanne can’t still be friends with her ex, why care about Kareena,” stated a user.

Let us tell you that according to multiple reports, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor were once madly in love with each other. Kareena was ready to give up her career for Hrithik. The matter escalated to a level that Hrithik’s family had to intervene. They asked Kareena to maintain distance from Hrithik who was then married to Sussanne Khan.

Later Hrithik denied all the rumors. He said that thankfully his friends, family and Sussanne trust him enough not to believe in such talks. He also claimed that Kareena and Sussanne share friendly relations.