KWK 8: Orry Unveils ‘Relevance Room’, Shares Secrets On ‘How To Keep Orry Relevant ‘

Koffee With Karan season 8 concluded with a bang, featuring the internet sensation, Orhan Awatramani, aka Orry. The episode left Karan Johar astounded as he spilt the beans on his bizarre world of minions, silent doppelgangers, and his unconventional take on relationships.

Orry’s Eccentric Revelations on KWK 8

Orry on koffee with karan 8 finale
Koffee with Karan 8 finale

1. The Orry Office Chronicles

Orry disclosed the existence of a unique room in his office known as the “relevance room,” where his minions immerse themselves in Orry’s persona. Clad in Orry-like attire, they embody different versions of him – Orry number 1, Orry number 2, Orry number 4, and more. Karan Johar was visibly dumbfounded by this revelation.

2. Silent Doppelgangers

netizens react on orry's KWK 8 appearance
Netizens react to Orry’s KWK 8 appearance

In a surprising twist, Orhan shared the presence of three silent doppelgangers, strategically dispatched to hold the fort until his arrival. These doppelgangers not only mimic Orry’s appearance but also remain tight-lipped, adding an extra layer of mystery to his entourage.

3. Orhan Awatramani’s Unconventional Dating Philosophy

Adding to the intrigue, Orry confessed to simultaneously dating five people, asserting that the thrill lies in the secrecy. He humorously remarked on avoiding marriage, stating, “I don’t want to be married one day because after that you can’t cheat.” This candid revelation left Karan Johar taking notes, perhaps contemplating a shift in his dating dynamics.

Netizens troll orhan awatramani aka orry
Netizens troll Orhan Awatramani

Impact on KWK Season 8

While Orry’s eccentric banter aligned with his online persona, it deviated from the season’s overall theme of candid and genuine conversations. The season showcased NSFW talks, friendly banter, and familial discussions, offering viewers a glimpse into the actors’ authentic selves. Orhan Awatramani’s cringe-worthy revelations, though attention-grabbing, overshadowed the season’s best moments.


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KWK Season 8 Highlights

Despite the unconventional finale, the episode delved into the season’s highlights. The best rapid fires, memorable male and female stars on the couch, and other memorable moments took centre stage. Social media influencers like Tanmay Bhatt, Kusha Kapila, Danish Sait, and Sumukhi Suresh served as the ‘illustrious’ jury, adding a fresh perspective to the celebrated talk show.

Karan Johar on koffee with karan 8
Karan Johar on Koffee with Karan 8

KWK season 8 ended on a quirky note with Orhan Awatramani’s eccentricities taking center stage. While the finale may have strayed from the show’s original theme, it undeniably sparked conversations. And left an indelible mark on the season’s memory. As we bid adieu to this season. Orry’s revelations will linger as a testament to the unpredictability that defines Koffee With Karan.


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