Rakhi Sawant Regrets Wearing Revealing Dress; Says, ‘Such Clothes Are Forbidden In Islam’

Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani will release a new song soon. They previously had a romantic photo shoot. In the picture Rakhi Sawant seen in very revealing dress. In the posted video, she looks a little uncomfortable in her clothes. Rakhi is in charge of the clothes and says that the clothes were sent to her by a designer. Now another viral video shows Rakhi regretting wearing such an outfit. she said that wearing such clothes is forbidden in Islam.

Love returns to Rakhi Savant’s life once again. She is dreaming of marrying Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi said from the beginning that Adil forbids her to wear short revealing clothes. In one of her recent photo shoots, Rakhi Sawant was seen wearing a metallic dress.

It was a pretty deep neck dress. The video of Rakhi holding the dress in front of the camera became hot topic. Rakhi also faced sone oops moments which was recorded on camera. In the video, she also says that the dress was sent by a designer.


At the same time, another video of Rakhi and Adil goes viral. In it, Adil said, I have not imposed any ban on Rakhi, but on clothes. Rakhi also says that we will both be the same in the future. In Islam, it is forbidden to wear such clothes. Adil is always right. I respect him. Today, designers bring clothes for the old Rakhi Sawant but Adil has Upgrade the old Rakhi to new Rakhi Sawant.