“Stop Defaming Ankit Gupta, ” Trends Top On Twitter!

Bigg Boss season 16 is scrolling to entertainment with every passing day. This ‘Sukravaar or Shanivaar ka Vaar’ touched the highest of drama, Suspense and entertainment. Well! It is crystal clear that Salman is the best host for the show with his judgement and observations. However, one thing is not new even this weekend and that is ‘defame Ankit.’

The episode again highlights the less contribution of Ankit. Salman was seen lashing out at Ankit for not taking his stand on any topic even if it is related to Priyanka. However, the reality is different from this, Ankit becomes one of the best contestants on the show. The audience and his fans loved his calm and silent nature. Ankit is expected to make such masculine shouting and fights but he refused to do such things and listen to his own heart.

Ankit’s fans are disappointed by the makers for humiliating him every week. Fans found the parody act extremely humiliating and lauded Ankit for being such a sport. However, they even questioned Priyanka Chahar Choudhary on what kind of friend he is who has a field day on seeing her friend being mocked so badly. The viewers and fans are coming in support of Ankit and running a trend on Twitter ‘Stop defaming Ankit Gupta’ which is the top trend

Let’s see how far this trend and Ankit Gupta go on the show!